damaged car tires

The tires on your car are the only thing that has contact with the road so it’s important that you’re not rushing to a decision when it comes to picking new tires. Tires can help support the weight of your vehicle and help it to grip to the road whilst you’re making a turn. Having high quality tires will also provide you with more grip when you’re driving in wet conditions. With low quality tires, you’ll have poor handling and you’ll have a noisy experience when driving. Low quality tires aren’t built with the toughness of high-quality tires so you’ll find yourself replacing your tires very often.

There are loads of tire brands out there and it’s important that you know which ones to ignore. Buying cheap tires means that you’re going to save money but you’re substituting price for low quality tires which isn’t good long term. It’s important that you don’t judge your decision on buying tires based on their price. This will lead you to buying tires that aren’t good for your vehicle.

Worst Tire Brands

Cheap Chines Tire – Since China is the hub of manufacturing, buying cheap tires from china is one of the worst things you can do for your vehicle. Most of the cheap tires that you find in Chinese markets will be made with low quality material meaning that the rate of wear is more, so you’ll probably have to replace it soon. These tires also haven’t gone through safety checks so putting them on your vehicle can be fatal. High quality brands test the safety of their wheels to see if they’re good enough to be on the road. If not, they’re not put on the market for customers to buy.

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Some of these cheap chine’s tires might look good but when it comes to quality, they perform terribly. You may find that your handling is worse, and the vehicle doesn’t perform well when turning corners. Which these types of tires, its incredibly important that you use safety systems like the ABS and TCS when driving in wet conditions because their performance isn’t great in these areas.

If you’re going to buy a cheap tire from chine, then you have to do a check on the brand. Check if the brand is well known for selling high quality tires or if the reviews are saying that the tire is good quality. The most help way to tell the quality of a tire is to look at the price. If the tire is in the high price range for what you know a good quality tire to be, then chances are it’s not lacking in quality. If you notice that the tire is selling for really cheap, then you should know that it’s probably low quality.

Tires that are in the cheaper range are very likely to have a low quality – unless they’re a reputable brand that’s using low prices to get more customers then this is a different story, but it’s hard to tell. These tires are going to need replacing more often which means that you can save money now but in the long term you’ll probably lose money. There are popular Chinese manufacturers that provide high quality tires such as Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. These tires are cheap, but they don’t compromise in quality. The own popular brands like Chaoyang, Goodride, Westlake, AKS Tires, Telluride, and Compass Tires.

Sidewall Tire Damage – low quality tires come will have sidewall damage a lot faster than high quality tires. If you’re buying cheap tires, you’ll notice that the sidewall will start to wear down very quality- The side wall is meant to absorb the shock that comes from the bumpy road and if the sidewall is damaged, the shock that’s absorbed is limited. As soon as you notice sidewall damage, it’s an unwritten rule to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Punctures – you’re going to notice a lot of punctures on the shoulder of the tire when you buy low quality tires. High quality tires are constructed with stronger material which means they’re less likely to puncture when coming into contact with a sharp object. If you don’t notice any punctures, you’ll need to get the tire replaced immediately.

Impact Damage – If you have low quality tires, then the tire will be more susceptible to impact damage. Impact damage happens when the wheel has come into contact with a pothole, curb, or speed bump which has cause it to damage. This is characterized by a bulge in the tire. With this bulge, the tires ware rate will be increased.

It’s important that you buy tires from high quality brands although they’re more expensive. The price of a high quality tire means that you won’t have to replace the tire every so often because it’s less likely to wear down. Having to replace your tires often will cost more in the long term than buying an expensive tire. If you want to prevent having to replace your tires often, then you can look at some high quality tire brands below.

Best Tire Brands

There are some good tire brands that you can buy. The list below will contain the tire brands that come with the highest quality and you’ll notice them on the road. You’ll have better performance and handling. These tires are less susceptible to wear which means that you’ll be replacing them less frequently.

MichelinMichelin (View on Amazon) is one of the most popular tire brands and they’re known for their quality. This brand is especially recognized for the pride they take in the quality of the things they make. Micheline goes back all the to 1889 and they used the high grade rubber when making their tires. This means that your vehicle will have an exceptional fuel economy in each tire. Their tires have a well balanced performance and low risk factor. Some of the best engineers work as Michelin and you’re guaranteed a high quality tire if you buy from them.

Goodyear – Goodyear is a trusted tire brand and they’re very popular in America. They’re know as a stable brand which means that a lot of people buy their tires from them without having to think about it. This company has had years to perfect its tires which means that every tire leaves the factory at a very high quality. NASCAR uses good year as their preferred tire because their tires are top performers for their racing cars. Their racing cars reach top speeds of 200 mph so a tire needs to of high quality if it was able to last the conditions it’s going to be put through. Their tires go through quality and wear testing and Consumer Reports have found their wear rate to be exceptional and their grip to be outstanding.

Continental – continental is a popular tire brands and it’s well known around the worlds. It’s common to look at tires these days and see the brand name continental. They’re well known for their high quality and they’ve had years to perfect the quality of their tires. They can be used for high end sports vehicles and motorcycles. These tires can withstand the conditions that some of these sports vehicles are put through. BMW and Mercedes are known for using specialized Continental tires for their luxury vehicles. The wear rate of continental tires is low meaning that they can withstand the tough terrain that they’re put through.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Low Quality Tires

As mentioned earlier, tires are there to provide you with good handling and keep the vehicle contacting the road. If you don’t have good tires, then you’ll feel all the bumps on the road, and you won’t be able to maintain a strong grip when you’re driving in wet conditions. Low quality tires also wear down a lot quicker which is why you’ll find yourself replacing these tires far more often than replacing high quality tires. If you’re going to buy a low-quality tires, it’s important that you look after then so you can prolong the lift. Maintaining your tires means that they’ll last a lot longer and you’re going to be taking fewer visits to the mechanic just to get them fixed because you keep encountering problems.

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What to Do When Buying Tires

There are some things you can do when buying tires that will let you know if it’s lacking in quality or not. You should see a tire as an investment because it’s the only thing that allows you to feel like you’re driving and it’s crucial for your car. If you chose a tire based on a cheap price, you’ll later notice that the performance of your car has gone down.

Find Correct Size Tires – you need to find the correct size tires if you want to make sure that they perform well on your vehicle. Before you do this, you need to look at the specification manual to check the recommended tire size for your car. Buying tires that are too small or too big will reduce the performance of your car and make the driving experience worse. You need to make sure that you’re buying tires with the right specification. Every tire has a rating, size, and information that will let you know all about the tire. Make sure that you check the size, the speed rate, and the load index and compare it to the one on the specification manual. All the information on the tires wheel will let you know if the tire is good enough to stay on your vehicle.

Manufacturing Date – tires have a manufacturing date, and this will let you know how long the tires have been sitting for. Tires can only last a certain number of years before they start to deteriorate and this is mostly caused by exposure to heat. Checking the manufacturing date will let you know how long the tires have been sitting. If the tire was made in the like 5-7 years, you’ll know that it’s good enough to be used on your vehicle. If not, then you should know that they’re more suspectable to ware as they’ve been deteriorating for longer.

Check if the tire has Warranty – another thing you should check is if the tire has a warranty. Some manufacturers will provide you with a warranty for a few thousand miles and it anything goes wrong with the tire, you might get a replacement for a cheaper price or completely free. Make sure that the manufacturer is providing the warrant based on the miles so that you can claim new tires based on the mileage. Make sure that you’re looking after the tires because if you don’t, then you may not get a replacement at a cheaper price.