Everything to Know About A Straight Pipe Exhaust

Some cat enthusiasts love to pimp up their cars and this is usually in the form of sound. Cars can vary in the noises they make, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. There’s something about the noise a car makes that will cause an enthusiast to go the extra mile and tune their ride by adding things such as superchargers and turbos.

Since upgrades like this can be expensive, chances are that you don’t have a lot of money, so you look for cheaper alternatives when it comes to making your car sound louder. The best way to do this is by using a straight pipe exhaust.

In most vehicles, you can find a straight pup exhaust which will explain why they’re really loud. An exhaust system allows toxic gases from your car’s engine to flow through one system, out the exhaust straight into the atmosphere.

What is a Straight Pipe Exhaust?

A straight pipe exhaust is a high-performance exhaust system that allows minimum backpressure – this means that it doesn’t restrict the gas flow that comes from the engine out of the exhaust. It’s a pipe that you can attach to the headers without involving a muffler or catalytic converter. This makes it a great way to make your car sound louder.

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In a normal exhaust system, the gas flow is restricted by mufflers and catalytic converters to deaden the amount of sound coming out of the exhaust – this also allows lowers emissions. In your average car or motorcycle, you’ll find that the sound coming out of the exhaust isn’t racy or loud, this is because of the restrictions that are used to reduce the sound.

A straight pipe exhaust allows you to hear the engine’s true sound. Without the muffler, the sound coming out the exhaust isn’t restricted; therefore, you hear the natural sound of gas coming out of the exhaust. This sound is really loud which is why it attracts a lot of car lovers. The sound that comes out of a straight pipe exhaust is similar to what you’ll hear from a racing car. You may hear cars on the street that sounds very raw, it’s very likely they have a straight car exhaust.

Benefits of Straight Pipe Exhaust

Better Performance

The main reason why people decide to use a straight pipe exhaust is because of the increased horsepower that can come out of it. Horsepower is a metric that’s used to determine the power and speed of a car. The exhaust pipe allows the pressure from the engine to flow freely through the exhaust which allows you to get better performance from your engine.

The size of the exhaust pipe you attach to your car is important – if you’re going to get one fitted, then it’s important that the mechanic chooses that right size. A mechanic will analyze your car and give you the right fit in most cases. Once attached, you’ll get a better fuel economy and horsepower.

Note: The more exhaust pipes your car has, the sportier it will sound and feel when you drive. Racing cars have bigger and more exhaust pips which allow them to be quicker and exude a louder sound.

Aesthetically Pleasing

You can make your straight pipe more aesthetically pleasing. This can be done by applying a chrome finish to your car to make it more appealing. You can also use various wielding methods to add colors to the top of the pipe. If you like certain colors, this can be applied to the pipe and make it more personal to you.

Draws Attention

Another advantage of straight car exhaust is that it draws a lot of attention. Since people are used to hearing the sound of a normal car’s exhaust, when you’re accelerating, the powerful raw sound coming from your straight pipe will catch more people’s attention. If you’re one that likes attention, then a straight pipe exhaust might just be for you.

Disadvantages of Straight Pipe Exhaust


If you’re not one who ears a lot of isn’t willing to invest copious amounts into their ride, then a straight car pipe exhaust might not be for you. A straight car pipe exhaust is expensive, and it can set you back a lot. Before you think amount making your engine louder, you first have to change the structure of the engine to allow for new pipes. Once the structure is changed, the pipes don’t come that cheap.

Once you’ve installed your new exhaust, you still have you make sure your vehicle is tuned to the right standards. This makes sure that they’re legal for you to drive on the roads. Tuning will also set you back a lot.

Note: Only invest in a straight pipe exhaust if you’re a car enthusiast who will go the extra mile just to make their car more personal and fun for them.

High Emissions

Along with a loud sound, having a straight pipe will also increase your emissions. These exhausts aren’t environmentally friendly which is why they’re frowned upon. This is why normal cars have a catalytic converter – these stop your car from exuding more pollution than it needs to. When Catalytic converters were first introduced, they stopped a lot of gas from leaving the exhaust. Modern catalytic converters called high-flow catalytic converters allow a larger percentage of gas to flow out the exhaust.

Warning: cars that drive on the road have to pass an emissions test. If you install a straight pipe exhaust, then you won’t be able to use a catalytic converter and all cars now are required to have a catalytic converter. You’ll fail the emissions test since straight pipes aren’t environmentally friendly so be aware that your car won’t be allowed on the road.

Extremely Loud

The cars that you notice on the roads are either really expensive or loud. Since straight pipes aren’t usually driven on the road, images something even louder than the loud cars you usually hear – this is what a straight pipe sounds like. Loud cars usually have straight pipe exhaust and the amount of sound they produce can be seen as obnoxious. Cars with these exhausts can bring a lot of unwanted attention especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood – you should be ready to receive a lot of complaints.

If you are looking to get a straight pipe exhaust, chances are you’ll only be able to drive them on a racetrack. It’s rare that you’ll hear one on the street, if you do chances are, they’re driving illegally. If you are willing to get a straight pipe exhaust, you should be ready to face the consequences that come with them. Make sure you know the driving laws in your country so that you’re not driving illegally. Straight pipes aren’t usually street legal which is why you need to be very careful when it comes to owning one.

Straight Pipes Can Come with Problems

If you regularly have problems with your vehicle or you’re experiencing problems with the exhaust system, chances are you don’t maintain your vehicle often. The key to avoid problems within your vehicle along with exhaust problems is to properly maintain your vehicle.

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