Service Due Now Light Nissan

If you see the service due now light come on in your Nissan while you’re driving, this is a sign that can bring some anxiety to you if you weren’t planning in servicing your vehicle anytime soon. There are a few things that this light can mean so it can be hard to know what you need to do in this situation. You may be wondering if you’ll still be able to drive, or if you’ll need to get the problem checked out now. There are a lot of questions that could come into your head when you see this light so you can learn more about it in this article so you know what to do in the future.

The service due down light means that there’s a problem with the electronics within your car. In Nissan cars, the check engine light is usually used to highlight any minor issues that’s going on within your car. For example, if you’ve left the oil cap loose, or your spark plug needs replacing, or the oil needs to be changed. There are a few things that you should check before you drive to the mechanic.

Why is the Service Due Now Light on?

There are a few reasons why the service due now light is going to be on. Here are the most common reason why the service due now light will come on.

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Your Car Needs to Get Serviced – the light does say service due now so the first thing that should come into your head is that service is due and you’ll need to take your vehicle to the nearest dealership. It’s important that you know whether it’s time to get your vehicle serviced because failure to do this can lead to future problems.

Minor Engine Issues – if there’s any problem with your engine, this can trigger the light to come on. This is usually a minor issue so it’s best that you get your vehicle checked out so it doesn’t turn into a major issue that you’re going to have to pay loads for just to get it replaced. A minor issue might be a misfire for example and there’s a problem with another internal component in your vehicle.

Low levels of fluid – the fluids in your car include the oil (View on Amazon), brake fluid (View on Amazon) and coolant (View on Amazon). If any of these are too low for the parts to function, then you’ll need to get them topped up. This will also include transmission fluid. The transmission system, the engine, and the brakes system all need fluid in order to work properly so it’s important that you top them up.

Exhaust Emissions – if there’s a problem in your vehicle that causing the emission to be bad, this can trigger the service due now light. For example, there could be a problem with the cat converter and because the cat converter is meant to clean the gases from your engine so the emissions aren’t toxic, if it’s not working properly, then you’re going to have bad emissions. There could also be an oil or a coolant leak that could be giving off colored smoke from the tailpipe (white or blue).

Faulty Oxygen Sensor – the oxygen sensor is the part that measures the amount of air coming into the vehicle for the air fuel mixture. If there’s a problem with this part, then the correct air fuel mixture won’t be made, and this can cause further issues with your vehicle. This can cause the service due now light to come on in your car.

Damaged Seatbelt – since the seatbelts are part of the safety system that’s connected to your air bags, if there’s a problem with any of these, the light could come on. The safety of the passengers are very important that the light will be triggered on if there’s a problem with any safety components such as the seat belt or the air bag.

What to Do When You See the Service Due Now Light

When you see the service due now light come on, the first thing you should do is to use an OBD2 scanner to check out why it’s on and to reset it. When there’s a problem with your vehicle, a signal is sent from that component to the diagnostics unit and it’s stored as an error code. When there’s an error code stored, it can be diagnosed using a professional OBD2 scanner tool (View on Amazon). This will give you the meaning of the error code that has caused the service due now light to come on and it will allow you to reset it. The tool can connect to the OBD2 port under your steering wheel and this will allow the software to determine what the problem with your vehicle is.

If you have the service due now light on, and you haven’t got a diagnostics tool to check if the problem is severe or not, you should head now to the mechanic as soon as possible if you’re near one. If you’re aren’t, you can go home and turn off your vehicle to check what the service due now light means. Along with the service due now light, some manufacturers have a separate check engine light. If the check engine light comes on, then the engine control unit or the transmission control unit has detected a problem with the engine.

If you notice that the check engine light has came on rather than the service engine light, then you can use the OBD2 scanner to check the code on your Nissan vehicle. If the check engine light didn’t come on, then there shouldn’t be a service due down because the check engine light doesn’t come on if a service isn’t due now.

Things You’ll Need to Check For

If you have the car owners manual and you know that the reason the service due now light is one is minor, then you can check what the check engine soon light means. This is the best thing to do before you head down to the mechanic.

Check Fuel Cap – The check engine light could have come on because the fuel tank cap wasn’t tightened. If not, then this can cause the light to come on which will prevent any spillages from happening which could lead to other problems. After you’ve checked the cap, you’ll need to drive a few more times so that the OBD2 scanner knows that you’ll tighten the fuel cap so that the service due soon light can turn off. If the light still stays on, then there may be a problem with your gas cap, and you’ll need to get it replaced.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor – if the oxygen sensor is faulty, this can cause the light to come on. The vehicle needs to have the correct amount of oxygen to gas ratio for the combustion process to happen. If there is too little oxygen, then the combustion profess won’t be efficient and this can cause problems with the engine. The sensor is able to detect if the air-fuel mixture is correct – if it’s faulty, then the service due soon light will come on.

Fluid Levels – You’ll need to make sure that the fluid levels are checked so that you don’t head to the mechanics just because you have low fluid. You can check the brake fluid, oil, window wiper fluid, and automatic transmission fluid. If you have lower fluid levels, this can cause the light to come on depending on your manufacturer.

Anti-lock brake – you’ll need to check the anti-brake safety restraint system.

Making Sure the Service Due Now Light Doesn’t Come on Again

As you’ve seen, there are a few reasons the service engine soon light can come on. It’s most likely due to one of the reasons above and for these to be fixed, you can either do them yourself or go to the mechanic. If you want to make sure the service engine soon light doesn’t come on again, you need to be servicing your vehicle often. This involves checking parts to make sure that they’re up to standard and not malfunctioning.

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Still Can’t Find Problems?

If you’ve checked your vehicle all over and you’re still unable to find any problems with it, then you can head down to the dealership so that a professional can check over your car. If you have a professional OBD2 scanner, then you can head home and try and diagnose the problem have. Using the OBD2 scanner, you can try and diagnose any errors you receive to see if the service due soon light comes on.

Sometimes when you reset the service due now light, it can come back on. This will happen when the engine control module starts to perform test on the engines components and see one of the engines components has failed. This could be the reason for the service due now light to keep coming back on.

Is it Safe to Drive with Service Light On?

While the driveability of your car should be affected, driving for an extended period of time while the service due now light is on can cause excessive wear on the engine and this isn’t good for its longevity. If you don’t change your oil regularly, then it will shorten your engine’s lifespan. It’s important that you look after your engine because rebuilding or replacing them is one of the most expensive services that could be performed on the car.