Lane Assist Not Working Jeep Cherokee? Try This

Lane Assist Not Working Jeep Cherokee

Unfortunately, just as with any other electrical and electronic system, the Lane Assist technology may develop some fault rendering it ineffective.

You may know the Lane Assist as the Lane Keep Assist or Lane Departure. When this technology is faulty, you are likely to see Lane Assist or Driver Advisor Failure warning on your Uconnect display. Sometimes, issues with Lane Assist may also cause your Jeep Cherokee to swerve from left to right while driving.

There are several possible reasons why this may occur, and I have provided solutions to them all, from simple changes in settings and driving conditions, to more complicated technical work to be done at your dealership.

Why Is My Lane Assist Not working Jeep Cherokee?

1. Obstruction from foreign materials

I have found that the most common reason why you may get the Lane Assist or Driver Advisor Failure error message, or the Lane Assist actually stops functioning on the Jeep Cherokee is that the Lane Sense camera lens has been contaminated by materials such as dirt, mud, road spray, dust, frost, and so on.

The Lane Sense camera, which is responsible for detecting and positioning lane, has a very sensitive optical lens and it will not function when it becomes smudged by any material.

You also need to keep in mind the fact that Lane Sense depends heavily on visible lane markings on the road. When lane markings are not clear, such as when they are covered in snow or they become less distinct from age, this also hinders the ability of Lane Sense to decipher lane markings and thus result in the Lane Assist issues you are experiencing.

Fix 1 – Clean the camera

The Lane Sense camera is usually located at the top of the windscreen. This is why, sometimes, when the Lane Sense camera lens is covered by any foreign material, you may get prompted by Uconnect to clean the windscreen.

Please, consult the manufacturer manual or your car dealer to ascertain where the Lane Sense camera on your Jeep Cherokee model is.

Whatever the case, the culprit is usually the optical lens on the Lane Sense camera that has been covered by dirt or frost or any other object. Therefore, cleaning the windscreen hardly ever solves this problem.

Instead, you need to locate the Lane Sense camera and follow the steps below:

  1. Get a clean, dry cloth made of soft material. The material needs to be soft so that it doesn’t scratch the lens of the camera.
  2. In a circular motion, gently wipe the lens of the camera until it is completely free of any foreign objects
  3. Get back in your Jeep Cherokee and check to see if the error goes away.

Here, I must also point out that elements such as direct sunlight on the lens could also cause the Lane Sense to stop working temporarily.

Fix 2 – Ignore the warning

I mentioned earlier that the error with Lane Assist may be due to the fact that the lane markings are covered by snow, or they have become aged and are thus no longer clear.

In this case, there is actually nothing you can do other than to ignore the warning and see if it goes away when you leave that particular area and get to a road with clearer markings.

Also, in this situation, it is a good idea to drive slowly because issues with the Lane Assist on your Jeep Cherokee may cause the car to swerve occasionally.

If the error continues on roads where the lane markings are clear, then you may have to consider other possible causes of the problem as described below.

2. Replacement Windshield

One of the prevalent reasons for Jeep Cherokee Lane Assist not working is when you replace the windscreen of your car.

You see, as I explained in the previous point above, the Lane Assist camera is usually located at the top of the windscreen of your Jeep Cherokee. The windscreen and the camera are integrated by the manufacturer, and the two components communicate with each other to provide you with optimal functionality and warning were necessary.

Therefore, when you replace the manufacturer windscreen with a replacement windscreen, the integration with the Lane Sense camera may be broken, resulting in the Lane Assist issues you are experiencing.

Fix – Get a reliable dealer to fix the integration

Get the car dealer to carefully check all the integrations between the windscreen and the Lane Sense camera; and integrations between the camera, windscreen, and other electrical and electronic components in the car.

One of such key integrations is with the Clock Spring. The clock spring, located between the Jeep steering wheel and steering column, is responsible for allowing your Jeep steering to turn while maintaining continuous connection to all the electrical parts in the car, including the Lane Sense system.

Many users have found that after replacing the windscreen, they also needed to replace the clock spring to maintain optimal integration between all the connected parts.

3. Lane Assist Software Bug

A lot of the time, the Lane Assist on your Jeep Cherokee may stop working because of a minor bug or glitch in the Lane Assist or Lane Sense software system.

Just as with any other smart system, bugs and glitches are bound to occur either within the processors and circuits of the Lane Sense system itself, or in its integrations with other components in the car.

There are several possible reasons why these bugs or glitches may occur. As a matter of fact, something as minor as merely shifting gears quickly can cause this glitch. Whatever the case, the steps to fix such bugs are as detailed below:

  1. If you are driving, simply find a safe space to park or wait till you get to the next red light and stop the car
  2. Turn off the car completely and remove the key from ignition.
  3. Wait 30 seconds then put the key back in and turn the car back on
  4. Now check and see if the error clears

Performing a full power cycle like this has cleared issues with Lane Assist on Jeep Cherokee for many users.

4. Lane Assist is turned off

A rather obvious but often overlooked reason why Lane Assist may not be working on your Jeep Cherokee is simply because the feature is turned off. Lane Assist is part of the Uconnect smart driving system on a Jeep Cherokee, and can be turned on or off using the Lane Sense button on the Uconnect unit. Also, note that by default, Lane Sense is turned off.

If Lane Sense is turned off, Lane Assist will not work hence the error you may be experiencing.

You may have mistakenly turned this off at some point or some bug caused the feature to turn off on its own. Whatever the case, you should check to see that Lane Sense is turned on on your Jeep Cherokee and then see if the error clears.

Fix – Turn on Lane Sense

Follow the steps below to turn on Lane Sense or Lane Assist on your Jeep Cherokee:

  1. Locate the Lane Sense button on the switch panel just below the Uconnect display
  2. Press the button once and then wait until you see the Lane Sense On notification, on the Uconnect display

Now that Lane Sense is turn on, Lane Assist should start working again

5. Driving conditions

For Lane Assist to work properly on your Jeep Cherokee, there are several driving conditions that need to be in place. I have detailed these conditions below:

  1. Lane Assist only works at speeds above 37 mph (60 km/h) and below 112 mph (180 km/h)
  2. Lane Assist may malfunction when you are taking sharp turns and curves
  3. Lane Assist will not function properly when there is a lot of vehicle traffic around you.

Fix – Check your driving conditions

  1. Make sure that you are driving above 37 mph (60 km/h) and below 112 mph (180 km/h) in order for Lane Assist to work properly. When you go slower than 37 mph, Lane Assist will see no reason to intervene. When you go above 112 mph, Lane Assist will not be able to properly detect lane markings.
  2. Wait till you get to a straight road or one with not-so-sharp bends to see if Lane Assist starts working again.
  3. Finally, wait till you get to an area where there’s less vehicle traffic around you and see if the Lane Assist error clears.
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