How to Reprogram Key Fobs

Electronic car keys also known as key fobs allow you to control your car from one central place. These keys can allow you to lock and unlock your door, open or close the trunk, or start your car. Like a lot of electronic devices, they need to be programmed when they encounter issues. This is also known as resetting and it allows the keys system to be rebooted so that any bugs or glitches going on between the key and your car can be refreshed.

A lot of times when your key fob is experiencing problems, it’s usually due to signal loss. In this case, you can reprogram the key yourself so that you can continue to use it to control your car. This can save you from taking the car to the mechanic when you’re experiencing problems.

Key fobs work by sending a radio wave signal to your car so that it can respond appropriately. Your car’s memory chip along with your keys chip works simultaneously when operating your car with your key.

Reprogramming Key Fob

Depending on the car you have, the method you use to reprogram the key fob is going to be different. Manufacturers try and follow the same methods but there’s always a variety of ways you can do this. If you still have your car’s manual, you can check the manual to see how to reprogram the key.

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Note: If you’ve had your key fob for a while, then there’s a chance that the battery could be dead, and you need to replace them to get the key fob to work properly again. If your key fob has a bad battery, using it on your car can be a nightmare.

1. Get inside your car with the remote and ignition key and make sure all of the doors are shut. For this to work, your car needs to recognize that all the doors are locked so make sure to close the door properly. Make sure that you have two working keys in order for this to work. If you only have one key, chances are that you’ll need to take it to a dealer or auto locksmith – many newer vehicles have improved transponders in the key fob so you make not be able to perform these steps yourself.

2. Insert your ignition key and make sure your car is in the on position. This can usually be done by twisting the car key one. Each time your key makes a small turn, you will feel it. Make sure to do one turn and you’ll know your car is one when the light turns on, but the engine doesn’t.

3. Press the lock button on the key fob then turn the ignition key into the off position to turn the car off.

4. Repeat these steps three more times and make sure to end the key in the On position in the last time. This will allow your car’s electronic control units to know the car is in the ignition.

5. Wait to hear the lock sound and within a few seconds, press the lock button on the remote and you should have reprogrammed the key. When you hear the lock sound, this is an indicator that your car has entered programming mode. If you don’t ear a lock sound, you’ll need to repeat the steps again.

6. Put the car in the Off position to finalize the programming. Once this is done, you can step out of your car and shut the door to start testing the key fob. Make sure to use the buttons on your key fob to check if they work.

Use Hardware to Reprogram Key Fob

If the steps above don’t work on your car, then you may need to use a different method to program your car. If you have no clue what to do, you can go to the car dealer or your local car shop. Usually these shops will have a key re-encoder which will allow you to reprogram your key if you aren’t able to do it yourself.