Average Car Length

If you haven’t picked up your first car yet, or you want to know if you’ll be able to fit your car into somewhere, then you’ll need to know the length of that car. Cars come in all shapes and sizes so it can be useful to know the length of an average car.

There are different types of cars which makes it hard to come to this conclusion so you can see the length of some common cars so it can help you visualize the length of a car. If you haven’t got time to find out the length of your own car, then you can go off the average length of a car. If you have got time, then you can measure your car’s length by yourself.

What is the Average Length of a Car?

The average length of a car is 4500mm or 14.7 feet. For example, this is the average car length of the most used car in the world, a Toyota Corolla (they come in different sizes). This should give you a perspective on how long the average car is. Of course, there are going to be cars slightly longer than this and shorter, but this is the average length of a car you’ll see on the road.

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Since there are different classes of cars, e.g. mini cars, and SUVs, it can be hard to know the average length since they’re in a different category to cars. Down below are the average length of cars based on some popular models in their size class. This ranges from Mini cars to a large pickup truck.

Size Class Model examples Length (Feet) Length (mm)
Mini Cars Renault Zoe 12.9 3952
Small Car Citroen C4 13.8 4200
Mid-Sized Toyota Corolla 14.7 4500
Full-Sized Toyota Camry 15.7 4800
Small SUV Ford Escape 14.4 4400
Large SUV Cadillac Escalade 16.7 5110
Small Pickup Nissan Navara 16.3 4981
Large Pickup Chevrolet Silverado 18.4 5614

Mini Cars

Renault Zoe

The average length of a mini car is 3952mm and 12.9ft. A popular mini car you can find on the market is the Renault Zoe. A mini car is the smallest type of car you can get on the market and it’s usually big enough for 4 people. A people car in this category is a mini cooper and it’s known for being a small car that you can get around in.

Compact Car or Small Car

Citroen C4

A compact car also known as a small car has an average length of 4200mm or 13.8ft. A popular example of this car is a Kia Rio or a Citroen C4. These cars are smaller than your average car, but they can still fit up to 5 people in them.

Compact cars have a good balance between interior spall and a small exterior dimension.

Mid-Sized Cars

Toyota Corolla

A medium-sized car has an average length of 4500mm or 14.7 feet. A good example of this is a Toyota Corolla. Another good example if an Audi A4. Medium-sized cars allow for more space and have a capacity of up to 5 people. These are the most common type of cars you’ll see on the road because of their popularity.

Full-Sized Car

Toyota Camry

A full-sized car has an average length of 4800mm and 15.7ft. A good example of this is an Audio A6 or a Toyota Camry. A full-sized car is the large type of car you can get until you start hitting other vehicle types such as SUVs. They provide maximum space and comfortability and are sometimes luxury cars. They still only have a maximum capacity of 5 people.

Executive Cars

BMW 5 series

Executive cars have an average length of 4800mm 0r 15.7ft. A good example of this is a BMW 5 series. Executive cars are cars that have a full-sized specification and usually found in the luxury market. They provide maximum comfort and space as well as allow for large boot compartments.

Luxury Cars

Mercedes S-Class

A luxury car has an average length of 5200mm or 17ft. A good example of this type of car is a Mercedes S-Class. A luxury car is usually made to be chauffeured so the length at the back of the car is a bit longer to allow for more legroom – you may even find a table tray at the back to hold this like food and laptops. A lot of these cars are also found to have a lot of add on options to fully spec out the car.

Sports Car

Ford Mustang

The average length of a sports car is 4800mm or 15.7 feet. A popular example of this car is the Ford Mustang. A sports car is a low built car that’s designed for performance at high speeds and they sometimes allow for a roof that can be folded back. They aren’t really lengthy due to weight dynamics and a good amount of size of allotted for the big engine that these cars usually have.

Small SUV

Ford Escape

The average length of a Small SUV is 4400mm or 14.4 ft. A good example of this car is the Ford Escape. A small SUV is a powerful car with 4-wheel drive that can be driven through rough terrain. These cars aren’t as powerful as normal size SUVs, but they still allow you to be driven in rougher terrain.

Large SUV

range rover sport

The average length of a large SUV is 4800mm or 14.7ft. A good example of a large SUV is the Range Rover Sport. These cars are the most powerful types of cars you can get on the markets and they are built for rough terrain. They are good if you live in the country and you’re used to a lot of hills.

Small Pickup

Nissan Navara

The average length of a small pickup is 5000mm or 16.4ft. A popular example of a small pickup is the Nissan Navara. A small pick up truck is a van that can carry heavy loads. They’re built with low sides and their purpose is to carry things which is why the back is open.

Large Pickup

Chevrolet Silverado

The average length of a large pickup truck is 5600mm or 18.3ft. A popular example of his is the Chevrolet Silverado. A large pickup truck’s purpose is to carry big heavy loads which is why they’re the biggest cars you’ll find on the market. They have a boot which is where most of the length goes to – this accustoms for large items you’ll need to place in the back.

Use the Length to Fix Your Car

Sometimes you might want to find out the length so that you can give to the mechanic for service. Or, you want to fit items into your vehicle but you won’t know whether they’ll fit or not, knowing the length will benefit you in many ways.

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How to Find Out the Length of a Car

If you’re wondering how to find out the length of a specific car, you can either search up the car’s exact name along with the term ‘length’ and you’ll be able to find the length in a description from your manufacturer’s website.

Another way to find out the length of your car is to use a VIN decoder. To find out the length using this method, you will have to find out the VIN of your car. This can be found in certain places around your car when you can find information, or it will be in the car’s manual. Once you’ve found your cars VIN, you can use a VIN decoder and enter the 17-character VIN and find your car’s exact dimensions.

Number Plate

You can enter the registration number in a vehicle checker and you’ll be able to find the dimensions of your car. This will include information about the weight and length of the car.

Do it Yourself

If you have a tape measure, you can use this to measure the length of your car. You can do these by placing the tape measure from the front to the end of the car and this should give you the exact length. If you have no one to do this with, you can stick the tape onto the front side of the car so it’s held in place.